Lohas - Burdock Flakes ( Vegetarian ) 220g 牛蒡片 (素食)
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Brand Eco Action
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 9 cm x 26 cm
Points Needed 2390

Burdock Fibrous Shredded 

Ingredients: Burdock, Non-GMO Soy Protein,Wheat Protein,Corn Starch Sunflower seed oil, Sucrose, White Sesame, Pea Powder.Wheat Fiber, Salt, Olive oil, Grape-seed Oil, Yeast extract

Suggested usage: Can be added to rice, rice balls.porridge, sushi, sandwichesPlase do not place it in sunlight and hot and humid places.Oxygen Absorber prohibited to eat. After opening, please eat it as soon as possible or put it in the refrigerator.Allergy information:This product contains soy, wheat and etc.and its products and Sesame


不含防腐劑及味素﹐非油炸物。 牛蒡深植地下一公尺﹐吸收了大地精華﹐其所富含的營養素更是深受養生人士喜愛。 Main Ingredients : Burdock, Non-GMO soy protein, Olive Grape-Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cane Sugar, Sesame, Pea Powder, Wheat Protein, Salt, and Vegetarian Seasoning. 主要原料: 牛蒡﹐非基因改造植物性大豆蛋白﹐橄欖葡萄籽油﹐葵花油﹐蔗糖﹐芝麻﹐豌豆粉﹐小麥蛋白﹐鹽﹐素食調味料。 To serve : suitable to add in rice, rice and vegetable, congee, sushi, and sandwich, etc. 食用方法:適合添加於飯﹐飯糰﹐粥﹐壽司﹐三明治等。