Miracle - Organic Soy Powder 有机黄豆粉 ( 无糖 No Sugar ) 900g
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Miracle Organic Soy Powder ( No Sugar ) 900g

Miracle Organic Soy Powder made by 100% pure organic soy bean.The skin of soy bean have been removed before the grinding process.This is not only to reduce purine content but also to retain the most nutrient which contain in soy bean such as manganese,phosphorus,protein,iron and vitamin B12. The active component contain in soy powder is isoflavones.It helps to ensure your general well being. The product is available in two types.Ther are less sugar and no sugar.Choose the one that suit your the most now.


Miracle Organic Soy Powder 由 100% 纯有机大豆制成。在研磨过程之前,大豆的皮已被去除。这不仅可以降低嘌呤含量,还可以保留大豆中含有的锰等大部分营养成分,磷、蛋白质、铁和维生素B12。大豆粉中含有的活性成分是异黄酮。它有助于确保您的整体健康。该产品有两种类型。有少糖和无糖。现在选择最适合您的一种。