Eu Yan Sang American Ginseng Tea 4g
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Brand Eu Yan Sang
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 16.2 cm x 6 cm
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Eu Yan Sang American Ginseng Tea is carefully selected, ground and formulated with 100% premium American Ginseng for your enjoyment. The light yellow clear hue tea gives out an earthy aroma and a pure sweet aftertaste, Recommended for regular drinking to strengthen Yin and Qi, improve vitality and reduce fatigue.

余仁生花旗参茶采用 100% 优质花旗参精心挑选、研磨和配制,供您享用。淡黄色清色茶,散发泥土香气,回味甘甜,建议经常饮用,以增强阴气,增强活力,减少疲劳。