Earth Living - Himalaya Pink Crystal Salt Granules 喜马拉雅粉红水晶盐粒 500g
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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Granules are handmined from The Majestic Himalayan Range. Salt crystal was formed millions years ago in the deep sea. It's one of the purest salts in the world contains 80+ trace mineral elements that make it possess therapeutic advantages.The crystals are energy vibrant from the pristine environment that its pureness acts perfectly as electrolytes within our cells that a common table salt cannot perform.Put the granules in salt mill makes an attractive table decoration and mill it before serving your foods add the perfect flavour to your palate.

Ingredients: Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules

Salt Benefits & Uses:
- Healing bath salt for soft & beautiful skin

- Ideal foot scrub salt for removing dead skin

- Lessen muscle cramp & swollen feet

- Remove toxin, aid anemia, reduce joint pain

- Prevent bloating

- Improve intestinal disorders

- Alkalizing acidic body

- Decorate gourment dishes

Product of Pakistan

喜马拉雅粉红水晶盐颗粒来自 The Majestic Himalayan Range。盐晶体是数百万年前在深海中形成的。它是世界上最纯净的盐之一,含有 80 多种微量矿物质元素,使其具有治疗优势。晶体在原始环境中充满活力,其纯度完美地充当我们细胞内的电解质,这是普通食盐无法发挥的作用。放盐磨中的颗粒可作为精美的餐桌装饰,并在上菜前将其磨碎,为您的味觉增添完美风味。


- 治疗浴盐,让肌肤柔软美丽

- 去除死皮的理想足部磨砂盐

- 减轻肌肉痉挛和肿胀的脚

- 排毒,帮助贫血,减轻关节疼痛

- 防止腹胀

- 改善肠道疾病

- 碱化酸性体

- 装饰美食