Earth Living - French Sea Salt - Fine 法国海盐 - 细 250g
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  • Earth Living's French Sea Salt is harvested naturally from the Re Island off the coast of Charente Maritime region of France. For generations, this area is reputed to produce one of the best and cleanest sea salt in the world. Unlike many sea salts in the market, Re Island is situated on Atlantic Ocean, has a very small population, not situated in the marine traffic passway, thus sea water is cleaner and salt produced under the ideal of combination of sun,wind,waves at lowland marshes allow the 80+ nutrients and trace minerals to saturate into this quality salt.Earth Living French Sea Salt 

    Nutritional Benefits : NQ French Sea Salt has more than 80 vital trace minerals. Its savoury flavour is ideal for salads, cooked dishes and grilled meats.

    Earth Living 的法国海盐是从法国夏朗德海区沿岸的 Re 岛自然收获的。几代人以来,这个地区以生产世界上最好、最干净的海盐之一而闻名。与市场上的许多海盐不同,Re岛位于大西洋,人口很少,不位于海上交通通道,因此海水更清洁,在阳光、风、浪相结合的理想条件下产生盐。低地沼泽允许 80 多种营养物质和微量矿物质饱和到这种优质盐中。地球生活法国海盐

    营养价值:NQ 法国海盐含有 80 多种重要的微量矿物质。它的咸味是沙拉、熟食和烤肉的理想选择。