Health Paradise - Organic Soy Sauce Shoyu 有机酱油 315ml
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Organic Soy Sauce Shoyu 

Product of Japan


Health Paradise Shoyu production allows fermentation to proceed at its own natural pace according to the seasonal temperature. It is aged through 18 long months of interaction with a myriad of microorganisms in a natural environment. Our low salt shoyu contains no chemical additives" Low Salt Shoyu has a reduced sodium content and it is made by unique double fermentation process. With the unique double brewing process, low salt shoyu is made which has the same strength of regular shoyu but only half of the sodium content. The salt contained in fermented products are totally different from traditional salt. Low salt shoyu was developed for people who want to limit their intake of salt.

Ingredient : Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Organic Wheat, Sea Salt and Koji



Health Paradise 酱油生产允许发酵根据季节温度以自己的自然节奏进行。它经过 18 个月的漫长岁月与自然环境中的无数微生物相互作用而老化。我们的低盐酱油不含化学添加剂“低盐酱油钠含量降低,采用独特的双重发酵工艺制成。独特的双重酿造工艺制成的低盐酱油与普通酱油的强度相同,但只有一半钠的含量。发酵产品中所含的盐与传统的盐完全不同。低盐酱油是为想要限制盐摄入量的人开发的。