Lohas - Organic Black Bean with Green Kernel Powder 有机黑豆绿仁粉 500g
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Brand Lohas
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LOHAS Organic Black Beans with green kernel are packed with nutrients that affect our bodies in countless ways. LOHAS Organic Black Beans with green kernel are very high in fiber and rich with vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, calcium, iron and manganese. It's also have high levels of flavonoids, which have antioxidant abilities, particularly anthocyanin. LOHAS Organic Black Beans with green kernel are a simple and delicious dietary addition that can increase your overall health in many ways and suitable for our family's daily consumption.

- Rich in Anthocyanins
- Antioxidants
- De-skinned
- Gluten-Free
- Trans Fat Free
- Cholesterol-Free
- Lactose-Free
- Non-Dairy Product
- No Preservatives
- No Pesticides
- No Herbicides
- Not Genetically Modified
- Low Fat
- High Fibre
- High Protein
- Rich in Isoflavone, Oligosaccharides, Saponin & Soy Lecithin
- Suitable for Vegetarians

100% Organic De-skinned Black Soybean with green kernel


LOHAS 绿仁有机黑豆富含多种营养物质,以无数方式影响我们的身体。乐活有机绿仁黑豆纤维含量非常高,富含维生素和矿物质,如维生素A、钙、铁和锰。它还含有高水平的类黄酮,具有抗氧化能力,尤其是花青素。乐活绿仁有机黑豆是一种简单而美味的膳食添加剂,可以多方面增加您的整体健康,适合我们家庭的日常食用。

- 富含花青素
- 抗氧化剂
- 去皮
- 不含麸质
- 不含反式脂肪
- 不含胆固醇
- 不含乳糖
- 非乳制品
- 无防腐剂
- 无农药
- 无除草剂
- 未经过基因改造
- 低脂
- 高纤维素
- 高蛋白
- 富含异黄酮、寡糖、皂苷和大豆卵磷脂
- 适合素食者

100% 有机去皮黑豆绿仁