Lohas - Organic Soy Bean Powder ( Sugar Free ) 有机大豆粉(无糖)500g
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Lactose-Free Cholesterol-Free NON GMO Sugar FREE

Suitable for vegeterian
Ingredient : 100% Organic Soybean Powder

Peparation : Place 2 to 3 tablespoon of LOHAS Organic Soybean Powder in a cup. Pour cold water (1/3 of the cup) and stir well. Then add either warm or hot water. Allergen advice: may contains traces of nuts and soy

不含乳糖 不含胆固醇 NON GMO 无糖

成分 : 100% 有机大豆粉

Peparation : 将 2 至 3 汤匙 LOHAS 有机黄豆粉放入杯中。倒入冷水(杯子的1/3)并搅拌均匀。然后加入温水或热水。过敏原建议:可能含有少量坚果和大豆