Radiant - Organic Sunflower Kernel 有机葵花仁 200g
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Brand Radiant
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm
Points Needed 550
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Radiant Organic Sunflower Kernel can be eaten raw as a healthy snack. Use in bread making, salad toppings, vegetable dishes and on breakfast cereals. Nutritionally similar to sesame seeds, but even higher in protein and phosphorus and much less calcium. High in vitamin D, E & B complex. Gluten-Free.

Radiant 有机葵花仁可以作为健康零食生吃。用于面包制作、沙拉配料、蔬菜菜肴和早餐麦片。营养与芝麻相似,但蛋白质和磷含量更高,钙含量更低。富含维生素 D、E 和 B 复合物。不含麸质。