Lohas - Ginger Brown Sugar 300g 姜红糖
Price RM19.90
Product SKU 9555380101126
Brand Lohas
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 13 cm
Points Needed 1990

Lohas Ginger Brown Sugar Cube uses specially selected South Ginger from Taiwan. It blends the fragrance of charcoal and brown sugar. "South Ginger" is different from regular ginger, it is grown in low sufficient sunlight, and high elevation area. It has stronger ginger taste than regular ginger.

This product has both the sweetness from can sugar and spiciness from ginger. It is ready to eat. You may also steep it in hot water to make Ginger Tea. It brings you all the warmth you need and takes your chilliness away.

Preparation: Ready to eat or brew with hot water. (100cc water + 1 or 2 cubes of Ginger Brown Sugar Cube according individual preference)


Lohas Ginger Brown Sugar Cube采用台湾特选的南姜。它融合了木炭和红糖的香味。 “南姜”与普通姜不同,它生长在日照不足、海拔高的地方。它的生姜味道比普通生姜更浓。


准备:即食或用热水冲泡。 (100cc 水 + 1 或 2 块姜黄糖块,依个人喜好而定)

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Ginger (Natural)