Allright - Oganic Hulled Buckwheat 400gm 有机去壳 荞麦
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Allright - Oganic Hulled Buckwheat 400gm 有机去壳 荞麦 

Buckwheat is also known as triangular wheat, in Eastern Europe, people will be buckwheat shell, such as rice general cooking, known as buckwheat Rice, in France known as Sayraisin. Buckwheat powder is not suitable for making bread, but in the United States and Canada, buckwheat flour alone or mixed with wheat flour with baking cake, called buckwheat cake. Buckwheat taste gan, slightly sour, sexual cold; spleen, stomach, colon meridian. JIANPI accumulation; gas-wide intestine; detoxification and sores. Main gastrointestinal hysteresis.