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Cooking Instruction

  • Steamed dumpling
  • Boiled dumpling
  • Fried dumpling
  • Dumpling soup
  • Microwave



Gamat Spirulina is our company's best-selling product. It's 100% extracted from natural seafood.

  • No side effects, no additional ingredients, no preservatives
  • Main Ingredients: Save----Boosts body immunity , Spirulina--rich with Nutrition
  • Improves brain and heart function by effectively
  • Improves physical brightness
  • Maintains blood salur road
  • Help cell repair
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular clogging
  • Speed up wound healing
  • It was a relief to joint pain
  • Repairs damaged joints
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Maintains youthful & hydrated skin
  • Rich in collagen
  • Rich with omega-3 fatty acids and trace elements
  • Natural detox

·Grazy Spirulina ̄can be used by:
-Patients with high blood, high blood fat, high blood sugar
-Middle age and golden citizen
-Cancer patients
-Unhealthy people
-High-intensity brain users
-Recovery after surgery and after maternity