COUNTRY FARM ORGANICS - Organic Canadian Rolled Oats 有机加拿大燕麦片
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Brand Country Farm
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
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What’s in the box?: 2 x Country Farm Organics - Organic Canadian Rolled Oats (500g)

CFO Oats are made from organic whole grain oats which are harvested from the pristine and unpolluted terrain in Canada. Our oats have no preservatives, additives, artificial flavouring and colouring. A whole grain oat comprises of all the parts of a grain kernel: bran, endosperm and germ. The outermost inedible hull has been removed with its germ and bran layers remaining intact to the endosperm.

Benefits:- Natural Source of protein: Aid in the building and maintenance of body tissues.- Rich in dietary fibre: Aids in the digestive system.- Great source of beta-glucan: Helps lower or reduce cholesterol.

盒子里有什么?:2 x Country Farm Organics - 加拿大有机燕麦片(500 克)

CFO Oats 由有机全麦燕麦制成,这些燕麦采自加拿大原始和未受污染的地形。我们的燕麦不含防腐剂、添加剂、人造香料和色素。全麦燕麦由谷物内核的所有部分组成:麸皮、胚乳和胚芽。最外层不可食用的外壳已被移除,其胚芽和麸皮层与胚乳保持完整。

好处:- 蛋白质的天然来源:有助于身体组织的构建和维护。- 富含膳食纤维:有助于消化系统。- β-葡聚糖的重要来源:有助于降低或降低胆固醇。