Country Farm NQ Vegetarian Seasoning Powder 素食调味粉 150g
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Country Farm NQ Vegetarian Seasoning Powder 150g

Product of Taiwan


• Made from excellent raw materials - salt, natural spices, with lactic acid decomposition after the cold, solidification until the final drying

• Vegetarian seasoning powder from natural plant  fermentation, especially suitable for the vegetarian community, less than a spoonful, you can improve the taste of your dishes • Made with selected spices to enhance your vegetable dishes. It is perfect for seasoning vegetables, soup and noodles

• Naturally and delicious taste


• No colouring

• No preservative

• Healthy replacement for traditional seasoning

• Suitable for vegetarians

Serving Suggestions:

• Enhance your vegetable dishes

• Great for stir fry, soup braising & salad

• Perfect for seasoning vegetables, soup and variety of dishes

Country Farm NQ 素食调味粉 150g



• 采用优质原料——盐、天然香料制成,冷后乳酸分解,凝固直至最终干燥

• 天然植物发酵的素食调味粉,特别适合素食社区,不到一勺,即可提升菜肴的口感 • 精选香料制成,为您的蔬菜菜肴增色不少。非常适合调味蔬菜、汤和面条

• 自然美味的味道


• 无着色

• 无防腐剂

• 传统调味料的健康替代品

• 适合素食者


• 增强您的蔬菜菜肴

• 非常适合炒菜、炖汤和沙拉

• 非常适合调味蔬菜、汤和各种菜肴