Country Farm Nature Quest French Sea Salt ( Coarse ) 法国海盐(粗)500g
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  • Features:
  • NQ French Sea Salt is harvested naturally from the Isle of Noirmoutier, off the coast of Britanny in France, For generations since the time of the Romans, this area has been known to produce some of the best sea salt in the world. The ideal combination of sun, wind, waves and lowland marshes allow the nutrients and trace minerals to saturate into the salt. The paludiers or sea salt farmers use an age old three stage method to harvest this exquisite salt.Benefits:
  • -Detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH
  • -More than 80 vital trace minerals: Helps improve mineral status of the body
  • -Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration

    NQ 法国海盐是从法国布列塔尼海岸附近的 Noirmoutier 岛自然收获的,自罗马时代以来,该地区以生产世界上最好的海盐而闻名。阳光、风、海浪和低地沼泽的理想组合使营养物质和微量矿物质饱和到盐中。 paludiers 或海盐农民使用古老的三阶段方法来收获这种精美的盐。好处:
    - 通过平衡全身 pH 值来排毒身体
    - 超过 80 种重要的微量矿物质:有助于改善身体的矿物质状态
    - 通过改善矿物质和水合作用来减少肌肉痉挛