Ayam Brand - Tuna Chunks in Organic Olive Oil 有机橄榄油中的金枪鱼块 150g
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Ayam Brand Tuna Chunks in Organic Olive Oil 150g

  • Delicious chunks of tuna
  • In Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
  • Reduced in fat (30%) **
  • 150g

* Extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural, high vitamin A, D, K & E content, high in polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) that help to lower blood pressure and rich in oleic acids a monounsaturated fat that reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.

** Reduced in fat (30%) compared to tuna in sunflower oil:

Fat content of olive oil is lower than fat content in sunflower oil.

All Ayam Brand™ products contain no preservatives and no added MSG.

Ayam Brand 有机橄榄油金枪鱼块 150g

减少脂肪 (30%) **
* 特级初榨橄榄油是 100% 天然,维生素 A、D、K 和 E 含量高,多酚(一种强大的抗氧化剂)有助于降低血压,富含油酸,一种单不饱和脂肪,可降低患心脏病的风险通过降低坏胆固醇。

** 与葵花籽油中的金枪鱼相比,脂肪含量减少(30%):


所有 Ayam Brand™ 产品均不含防腐剂和添加味精。