PureHarvest Aussie Dream Rice Milk 米浆 1Litre
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Pure Harvest Aussie Dream Rice Milk ( Unsweetened ) 1Litre

Product of Australia

This rice milk is naturally sweet and contains no added sugars of any kind. It is based on traditional oriental food and is ideal for those who have a lactose or soy intolenrance.

At Pureharvest we pride ourselves on using simple, organic, whole ingredients. Our Aussie Dream Rice Milk Original is made with organi brown rice, organic high oleic sunflower oil, filtered water, sea salt and nothing else.

The goodness of our rice milk comes from organic brown rice. We only use the best ingredients in our milk.

~ Cholesterol Free

~ No GMO

~ Vegan

~ No Preservatives

Pure Harvest Aussie Dream 米浆(不加糖)1L



在 Pureharvest,我们以使用简单、有机、完整的成分而自豪。我们的 Aussie Dream Rice Milk Original 由有机糙米、有机高油酸葵花籽油、过滤水、海盐制成,仅此而已。


~ 不含胆固醇

~ 没有转基因


~ 无防腐剂