Earth Living - Organic Chocolate Soy Milk Powder 有机巧克力豆奶粉 800g
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About this product
USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, ISO 9001, GMP & HACCP Certified

Country of Origin: Canada

Earth Organic Soy Milk is made from selected premium quality of organic soya bean. The skins of soy beams are removed peeled off before processing. It is pure in taste and fine in texture, making it good for smooth absorption and easy digestion. It has very rich soy taste and smoother in texture. Soy bean is a good source of plant protein and contains all the necessary amino acid in protein and easily absorbed. High protein, especially plant source protein, is vital for muscle growth and body daily function.

What's so special about Earth Organic Soy milk?
Use high quality organic ingredients with modernized technology to create these grains and other essential ingredients into powder form for instant consumption without altering their nutrients quality. A super food beverage full of nutrients and minerals designed for those who envy the goodness of millet and yet cannot spare one's time to prepare it. Earth Living makes it possible for you to enjoy this beneficial drink in our 'rush rush' world today.

We assure you that our soy milk powder contains only high quality pure organic ingredient. It strictly contains no GMO ingredients, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no colourings, no flavourings, no trans-fat, no sweetener, no dairy especially no anti-caking agent.

Health Benefits:
* Lower LDL cholesterol levels
* Improve T-2 diabetes & blood glucose levels
* Anti-oxidants protect cells & DNA oxidations
* Balance gastrointestinal functions
* Strengthen immune systems
* Improve body muscle mass
* Ease menopause symptoms
* Prevent osteoporosis

Organic Soy Powder, Oligosaccharides

美国农业部认证的有机、非转基因、ISO 9001、GMP 和 HACCP 认证


Earth Organic豆浆由精选的优质有机大豆制成。大豆梁的皮在加工前被去除剥落。味道纯正,质地细腻,利于吸收,易消化。它具有非常浓郁的大豆味,质地更光滑。大豆是植物蛋白质的良好来源,含有蛋白质中所有必需的氨基酸,易于吸收。高蛋白,尤其是植物源蛋白,对肌肉生长和身体日常功能至关重要。

Earth Organic豆浆有什么特别之处?
使用具有现代化技术的优质有机成分,将这些谷物和其他必需成分制成粉末形式,以便立即食用,而不会改变其营养质量。一款富含营养和矿物质的超级食品饮料,专为那些羡慕小米的美味却又无法抽出时间准备它的人而设计。 Earth Living 让您可以在我们今天的“匆忙”世界中享用这种有益的饮品。


* 降低低密度脂蛋白胆固醇水平
* 改善 T-2 型糖尿病和血糖水平
* 抗氧化剂保护细胞和 DNA 氧化
* 平衡肠胃功能
* 加强免疫系统
* 提高身体肌肉质量
* 预防骨质疏松