Lohas - Beetroot Oat Milk 甜菜根燕麦奶 900g
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Brand Lohas
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm
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Beetroot Oat Milk

Organic Beetroot Oatmilk:

- 100% Organic
- No Coloring, additives and preservative.
- Non-lactose, Cholesterol Free, High Calcium.
- High Dietary Fiber.
- For lactose-intolerance consumer.

Lohas's Organic Beetroot Oat Milk contains a healthy mix if nutritious additions that you and your family can benefit from!
It introduces a wide array of Vitamins, contains a good dose of Calcium and effectively increases your Dietary Fiber Intake.

Ingredients: Organic Oat, Organic Beetroot, Lactobacillus, Water-soluble Dietary Fiber, Calcium Gluconate, Grape, seed Extraction, Red Clover, Flaxseed, Vitamin A, C, E, B2, B6 & B12, Soy Isoflavones, Yam extraction and Ginkgo Nut extraction.



- 100% 有机
- 无色素、添加剂和防腐剂。
- 不含乳糖、不含胆固醇、高钙。
- 高膳食纤维。
- 乳糖不耐症消费者。

Lohas 的有机甜菜根燕麦奶含有健康的混合物,如果您和您的家人可以从中受益的营养添加物!