Kmom Kids Toothbrush Step 1 (6-36 months) x1.5 Soft 儿童牙刷 (6-36 个月)
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Brand K-Mom
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 5 cm x 25 cm
Points Needed 1350
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  • STEP 1: 6m ~ 36m
  • STEP 2: 24m ~ 12y
  • Comfortable grip
  • 1.5 times fuller of soft bristles
  • Wider brush head for thorough cleaning
  • Safety & Quality proof
  • Manufactured by ISO-Certified company

K-MOM Kids Toothbrush Step 1 - x1.5 Soft (12-36 month)

First stage children's toothbrush: for children 6-36 months, intended for the first period of tooth growth. Especially suitable for exercise in dental care routine. Soft, thin bristlets especially reduce gum lesions. At this stage, your child's first teeth are still growing, so the gums are susceptible and irritated. The bristes of the toothbrush in the first stage are thinner and softer to gently massage the gums and reduced lesions. Two-step customized oral care solutions from Mother K.

第一阶段儿童牙刷:适合 6-36 个月的儿童,用于牙齿生长的第一阶段。特别适合在牙齿护理常规中进行锻炼。柔软、细的刷毛尤其能减少牙龈损伤。在这个阶段,你的孩子的第一颗牙齿还在生长,所以牙龈很容易受到刺激。第一阶段牙刷的刷毛更细更软,可以轻柔按摩牙龈,减少病变。

Step 1 : For children aged 6-36 months, during primary teeth development ● The step 1 Toothbrush is suitable for children of 6 to 36 months, in the beginning stages of primary teeth growth, when parents should begin their child's dental care routine.

第 1 步:针对 6-36 个月的儿童,在乳牙发育期间
● step 1 牙刷适合 6 至 36 个月的儿童,处于乳牙生长的初期,此时父母应该开始孩子的牙齿护理程序。


Soft, thin bristles to minimize damage to the gums

● During this stage, your child's primary teeth are still growing, leaving the gums exposed to possible irritation. The bristles of the Step 1 Toothbrush are thinner and softer to gently massage the gums and minimize damage.

● 在此阶段,您孩子的乳牙仍在生长,牙龈可能会受到刺激。 Step 1 牙刷的刷毛更细更柔软,可以轻柔地按摩牙龈并最大限度地减少损伤。



● 1.5 times fuller bristles and innovative head design

● A wider brush head for thorough cleaning

● A slim design to protect the delicate inner mouth

● Comfortable grip to suit your child's early brushing habits

● Colorful design for a fun brushing experience


● 1.5 倍的刷毛和创新的刷头设计
● 更宽的刷头,可彻底清洁
● 纤细的设计,保护娇嫩的内口
● 握感舒适,适合您孩子的早期刷牙习惯
● 多彩设计,带来有趣的刷牙体验